Public Business Accounting

Who We Are

Joseph Lea and Associates came into existence with the idea of offering the quality and expertise of a large accounting firm with the flexibility and reasonable rates people value in small accounting firms.

Not only do we have over 35 years of public practice experience to draw on, we are passionate about what we do. Our goal is to give our clients the quality of service and support where they feel comfortable and confident in referring us to their friends and family and only in this way can our firm grow.  We, as a firm, are not successful unless our clients are successful, as they are the reason we exist.

A Brief History

Ken (Joseph) Dreger became disenchanted with his experience in the accounting industry, mostly due to rigid billing practices which undermined any attempt to minimize billing to the clients. 

Large accounting firms bill at a 3-5x rate above what they pay staff and large firms are very aggressive in ensuring all time is billable.  If the employee is paid $30 an hour, the firm bills out at $150 to $300 per hour in 6 minute increments for even just talking on the phone to clients. 

He felt that it was punitive to client goodwill and limited access for the public to accounting and tax expertise. They decided to start their own firm where billing isn’t their first priority but helping people navigate the tax system is. 


Ken is always super helpful when explaining things to do with my taxes. He has been the easiest accountant to deal with through all these years! Very easy going and never rushes you out if you have questions. Thanks!

Amanda Bodin

Ken is very knowledgeable, professional and efficient.  I highly recommend this accounting firm. Excellent value for your accounting needs whether it's for business or personal.

George Leshchuk

Meet the Team