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H&R Block sells private taxpayer data - Class Action Lawsuit coming?

H&R Block, a tax preparation service with a rating of 1.23 stars out of 5.00, has been shown to have sold taxpayer data to Google and Meta (parent company of Facebook).

"Beyond ordinary personal data such as people’s names, phone numbers and email addresses, the list of information shared also included taxpayer data — details about people’s filing status, adjusted gross income, the size of their tax refunds and even information about the buttons and text fields they clicked on while filling out their tax forms, which could reveal what tax breaks they may have claimed or which government programs they use, according to the report."

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Class Action Lawsuit coming? California and Pennsylvania are considering opening up a class action lawsuit - coming to Canada?

"It’s possible that H&R Block may have utilized tracking tools on its website to secretly share users’ financial information with Facebook. Now, attorneys working with are gathering consumers to take action against the company over potential privacy violations."