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Changes coming to Principal Residence Exemption

December 17, 2021

Changes coming to Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) reflect response to continued abuse of exemption

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Personal Tax

Canada Emergency Response Benefit

April 1, 2020

If you have lost income because of COVID-19, the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) will provide you with temporary income support.


CPT30 Form Flawed - A Potential Costly Issue For Employers

February 10, 2020

As baby boomers start to collect CPP at 65 but continue to work, employers may run into situations where the employee wants the employer to stop deducting CPP.

Corporate Tax

Top 10 CRA Audit Flags

December 12, 2013

A great article that gives you some input as to how CRA thinks: Top Ten CRA Audit Flags